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Commercial Solutions:

Our consulting and management services will save you time and money. Choose cafeteria style from Project development, leasing, examining site locations, reviewing owners & encumbrances, examining zoning ordnances, interviewing stakeholders, providing preliminary market analysis, reviewing environmental and survey reports, and providing investment analysis.

Problem Properties:

When others shy away from troubled properties, we work on solutions. Our experienced associates and legal team can nearly work miracles.  Our team of associates are experienced in working with the most difficult circumstances.  We often encounter zoning restrictions, health inspections, condemnations, parking requirements, overlays, neighborhood groups, contaminated or environmental concerns, watershed and runoff expectations. We will give the client our best recommendations, proceed with the project management, or supervise the purchase, sale, or development. 

Assisted Living or Long-Term Care:

When working with families on asset reduction to qualify for private pay or medical assistance, we require a retainer and a commission on sale of the property.  Our basic listing agreement has a non-refundable $500 deposit requirement plus a percentage of the sale price when sold. 

Residential Purchases:

We provide support to "Fast Track" sales of homes by selling to investors and builders that remodel.  When you have a property that needs to be sold quickly our buyers will do installment sales or cash, whichever is better for you. 


TKREYNOLDS works on an hourly and commissioned basis. When you need support on a project to determine the feasibility or strategy in purchasing a property we charge $125 per hour which payments will be reimbursed to the extent a commission is received on the purchase or sale of the property.

If you simply wish us to consult or provide support for your real estate transaction; be it working with a city, insurance company, community meeting, stakeholders, or other real estate professionals, our charges are based on the hourly rate of $125 per hour and we require a $2500 retainer prior to beginning work.